Friday, May 27, 2005

Definitely the best team in the World!
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We pass each other on the street each man and woman allowing themselves a self-satisfied smirk. Sometimes we greet each other, sometimes we pass by without so much as a whisper. We’ve been through a lot in these modern times. Denied, dented and denigrated. But for some unknown reason we persevered.

And now our time has come. Old flags, pennants, war cries and songs are to be seen and heard on the streets once more. New hymns of praise are already written.

Once more we are the conquers. Once more we walk on, walk on, never walking alone. We have come through the storm. Rallied and raided. Won the fifth great war and now the spoils are ours to keep. Forever.

We have come back from the dead. Resurrected in the eastern land when all seemed lost. We claim Lazarus as our soul brother, the Iberian as our leader. We have sailed the River Styx and lived to recount the epic tale. And all is better for the telling.

We survive and claim, the Continent, the World, the Universe. We are courageous. We are mighty. We are Liverpool FC.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Below are three photos taken in around the Cork Street area of Dublin.

The first photo is of three linguistic variations on the street name “Cork Street”. In all three the street name is easily recognizable. The Cork Street area is now home to many immigrants, from various locations in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

At the moment a project entitled “The Highlighters Project” is being undertaken on Cork Street. It hopes to highlight the historical architecture in the area. Beside each building a flagpole is placed on which is flown a large yellow fluorescent flag, thus the name of the project. Next to this old church in photo two is a new and as yet uninhabited block of apartments. Quite a contrast.

Well done to all involved in this project, I hope these photos’ do you justice.

The third photo is a sign pointing toward Crumlin, a working class area in Dublin city, beneath which is a sign for a farmyard animal. Not so long ago Crumlin was an agricultural area at the edge of Dublin city, now in is fully incorporated into the capital.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

It appears after reading various blogs concerning comments by Conor Lenihan and Michael McDowell that I’m in a minority of one by giving undue importance to Minister McDowell’s remarks at the Justice Committee last Wednesday.

Rereading the post below it does seem that I’m dismissing Conor Lenihan’s “Kebab’s” jibe. As someone who works as a volunteer with refugees and who got verbal abuse for doing so I assure you this is not the case.

I approached the remarks of the two gentlemen from a perspective of which of them carries the greater political and intellectual clout? For me the answer is Michael McDowell.

The name calling by Conor Lenihan is inexcusable and yes is a resigning issue. But I still believe that the remarks of Michael McDowell carry far more significance.

Friday, May 20, 2005

There’s been an awful lot of comment in the media on remarks made in the Dail last Wednesday (18/05/05) by Conor Lenihan Minister of State with responsibility for Overseas Development. Minister Lenihan told TD Joe Higgins in a Dail debate that he should “Stick with the kebabs”. This comment is taken to be a reference to the work that Joe Higgins is undertaking on behalf of Turkish workers in the GAMA construction group.

The Minister later made a partial apology. Coming from a Minister who’s portfolio includes Overseas Development as well as Human Rights such a statement can at best be said to be puerile at worst a resigning issue for the Minister. I don’t think they done the cause of race relations much favors to be honest.

But I feel that in regard to attacks on race relations and refugees they missed the real story. On the same day the Minister for Justice Michael McDowell made comments to the effect that unfortunately under the Geneva Convention he was obliged to provide due process to people arriving in this country, claiming asylum. He also made remarks to cock and bull stories which the authorities are told by people. Also the Irish people were invoked in his anti-immigrant invective.

I find it very sinister that a Minister for Justice in the EU can treat such an important agreement as the Geneva Convention with outward unabashed distain and contempt.

Let us have a debate on immigration, on asylum seekers, on our international obligations and the importance of upholding international agreements which guarantee human rights.

Conor Lenihan's remarks were stupid, foolish and perhaps insightful. Michael McDowell's comments were altogether on another level.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another gig for you if you happen to be in Prague this weekend. Sunday 22nd 7.30pm "THE GLOW" in the Globe Cafe, music and poetry with Bren Farrell, Lucien Zell and friends. Admission free.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

There's a good article in Siglamag concerning the hazzards of blogging.

Friday, May 13, 2005

I went to see “What Happened Bridgie Cleary” by Tom MacIntyre in the Peacock Theatre last night. The cast were terrific but Tom Hickey in particular shone. To Catherine McFadden assistant director on the production, well done. Way ta go!!!! See ya soon at DCG.

On another note, yesterday American billionaire Malcolm Glazer, after purchasing the shares of JP MaManus and John Magnier increased his holding in Manchester United to 75%. Even though I am a Liverpool fan (see post below), it is worrying that first Abramovich at Chelsea and now Glazer at United are buying info football. Chelsea seem to have done ok for the moment. But what if one day Abramovich wakes up and decides “I’ve had enough” and decides to sell up and move on. What plans does Glazer have for United?

But questions need also to be asked about JP MaManus and John Magnier. Did they have a genuine interest in the club or was Manchester United a trophy investment? Either way I feel that they have sold Manchester United fans down the river.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If you get the chance goto the atrium in Trinity College my lil bro has a painting in an exhibition therein.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yesterday ten minuets after he was released from Mountjoy Prison in Dublin Mark Byrne was shot dead. The killing took place in broad daylight in a residential area of Dublin City. This killing will bring to seven the number of fatal shootings in the Republic of Ireland since March.

Today’s edition of the Irish Independent newspaper has a front page photo of Mark Byrne lying dead on the ground. By his side is an unidentifiable individual. It may be the state coroner, it may be an investigating policeman.

My point is this, where is the dignity in death? Is it really necessary in reporting the story to print a photograph of Mark Byrne? Does the selling of Irish Independent newspapers have to rely of such morbid sensationalism?

Does the content of the Irish Independent accurately reflect the mores and values of its owners?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A new pedestrian bridge is soon to be opened over the Liffey. It will be situated after the Matt Talbot bridge and stretch City Quay on the south side of the city to the IFSC on Dublin’s north side. The city constantly changes.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Sunday, May 01, 2005

Went on the May Day march in Dublin yesterday. But for the Gama workers it was all the usual suspects. I’m afraid comrades that the revolution is suspended for yet another year.

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