Friday, April 28, 2006

I got home from work last night and switched on the news. Boom out of the blue comes the news that my old primary school in Inchicore, Saint Michaels CBS, is set to close at the end of the present school year.

The school is currently run by the Christian Brothers, though as far as I know the current teaching staff is exclusively comprised of lay people. According to the Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, once the board of management of a school announce their intention to close, they first inform the Department of Education, where after the school is closed over a phased period of years.

In this case the Department of Education were not informed of the impending closure and said closure is to take place with immediate effect.

Saint Michaels CBS occupies the site of the former Richmond Barracks. In April 1916 once Pearse, Connolly and the others leaders of the Rising surrendered, they were marched to Richmond barracks and spent their first night of captivity there.

Should you ever get the opportunity to visit Saint Michaels you’ll see a mural depicting the events of 1916. The mural was painted in 1984 by the then pupils of Saint Michaels. My contribution to the mural is a depiction of a British soldier.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Vote for Freak Show.

You can vote for Freakshow, the Irish produced comic, in this years Eagle Awards here. The guys are in the FAVOURITE BLACK & WHITE COMICBOOK category.

Freakshow, as you all know, owes it’s existence to the guys in Sub City comics.

So now’s you opportunity to show your appreciation and lend your support to the Irish graphic storytelling scene. You have until May 1st, 2006 to vote.

Vote early and often!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I’ve added another link to a blog. This one is called Irishpoetry and is a showcase for the work of slam poet Desmond Swords. Last year I went to a few Tuesday Evening, Write Recites in Brogans and saw Mr. Swords in action. That was an artistic joy to behold. I must sayy it was great to stand up at the mike, perform a poem and take the applause. Ultimately though I wasn’t in the same league as some of the more established poets, and after a few months cleared off with my tail between my legs.

But if you want to see a poem come to life, I suggest that you go and see Desmond Swords in action. Write Recite has moved to The Duke Pub, in yes, Duke Street.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Beckett Festival is in full swing here in Dublin but to be honest I’ve been neglectful in my homage to the great scribe. Yesterday I put that wrong to right. On the way into work, first day back after the Easter Holiday, meandering by the International Bar on Wicklow street when what did I see only a flyer advertising Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett. The performance begins at 1.15. That’s my lunchtime.

So 1 o’clock comes along and I run as fast as my legs can carry me to The International Bar. €7 for a ticket €5 if you’re a student. Unfortunately I belong to the working populous, so I had to stump up an extra €2.

Directed by Sinead Hackett and starring Frank Conlon, Phil Kingston and Seamus Whelan, Catastrophe in The International Bar is a fantastic production. The play is adapted to suit the era we live in and reflects the political zeitgeist of our times. Two of the characters were masks portraying George Bush and his willing assistant Tony Blair. The Protagonist meanwhile sports a mask bearing a likeness to Saddam Hussain.

The masks are an innovative and audacious move, though they tend, on occasion, to garble the actors delivery. Perhaps though this could be my bad hearing.

Other than this tiny gripe, Catastrophe in The International Bar, is well worth the entrance fee.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Irish novelist Dermot Bolger has written “The Journey Home” and “The Family On Paradise Pier”. He has also written several plays and has a number of poetry collections. The poem below by Dermot Bolger, is entitled “I.M. Rory Gallagher”. The subject, is the legendary blues and rock guitarist Rory Gallagher who died in London in 1995.

I.M. Rory Gallagher

There came a time on those summer nights
When a free house had been found,
And a cheap stereo rigged with strobe lights
That froze each moment in your mind.

You just knew when the crowd had waned
And the wasters had long gone
That soon the wised-up boys who remained
Would put Rory Gallagher on.

Monday, April 10, 2006

We are totally beguiled at the moment by "The Motel Life" by Willy Vlautin, frontman for alt country band Richmond Fontaine. So far 4.5 stars and counting, on this debut novel.

Monday, April 03, 2006

We were out on our way to the pub on Friday night, when who did we encounter only our latest literary hero Ken Bruen. We shook hands with Ken, told him that we thought his work was wonderful and that he could, as far as we were concerned, walk on water. Yahoooooo it made our night.

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