Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Beckett Festival is in full swing here in Dublin but to be honest I’ve been neglectful in my homage to the great scribe. Yesterday I put that wrong to right. On the way into work, first day back after the Easter Holiday, meandering by the International Bar on Wicklow street when what did I see only a flyer advertising Catastrophe by Samuel Beckett. The performance begins at 1.15. That’s my lunchtime.

So 1 o’clock comes along and I run as fast as my legs can carry me to The International Bar. €7 for a ticket €5 if you’re a student. Unfortunately I belong to the working populous, so I had to stump up an extra €2.

Directed by Sinead Hackett and starring Frank Conlon, Phil Kingston and Seamus Whelan, Catastrophe in The International Bar is a fantastic production. The play is adapted to suit the era we live in and reflects the political zeitgeist of our times. Two of the characters were masks portraying George Bush and his willing assistant Tony Blair. The Protagonist meanwhile sports a mask bearing a likeness to Saddam Hussain.

The masks are an innovative and audacious move, though they tend, on occasion, to garble the actors delivery. Perhaps though this could be my bad hearing.

Other than this tiny gripe, Catastrophe in The International Bar, is well worth the entrance fee.

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