Monday, November 22, 2004

The three photographs I’ve posted below represent the work of Martin Chambi. Chambi an Amerindian was born in Peru in 1891.In a career that spanned half a century Chambi documented his people, the indigenous Quechua-speakers of the former Inca empire and the mestizo people of his adopted city Cuzco.

The photographs below represent the dynamics of power endured by the Quechua-speakers as seen by Martin Chambi.

The first photograph “Dos Gigantes Cuzqueños, 1925” is of a local man who was a giant of 7 feet. He became a celebrity. The man beside him is one of Chambi’s assistants. We can see the poverty of the Quechua-speaking peoples reflected in the fact that the giant, a Quecha man is dressed only in rags.

In the second photo entitled “Campesinos indígenas en el juzgado. Cuzco, 1929” six barefooted peasants await to give evidence in the high court in Cuzco. By their appearance and the appearance of the advocates of the court on the left we can observe this clash of cultures.

Finally we have “Policía arrestando a un niño, Cuzco, 1924” showing a white police officer arresting a Quecha boy in Cuzco. The officer assured of his power has no inhibition about holding the boy by the ear while posing for the photograph.

It was only after his death in September 1973 when he was discovered that the work of Martin Chambi began to receive the international recognition it so richly deserved.

Dos Gigantes Cuzqueños, 1925 Posted by Hello

Campesinos indígenas en el juzgado. Cuzco, 1929 Posted by Hello

Policía arrestando a un niño, Cuzco, 1924 Posted by Hello

Despite the fact that this year I’ve visited Madrid twice and plan to visit it again soon, I took great delight in FC Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Real Madrid in the Camp Nou on Saturday night. FC Barcelona are an old favorite. I think it has something to do with a vision of the Spanish Civil War and them having an Irish manager once upon a time. Who was the main man in their victory? None other than Ronaldinho.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It’s interesting to see that the NCCRI (National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism) in a report issued today stated that the number of racist attacks reported to it over the last six months has risen from 42 to 70 when compared to the previous six months.

One of the reasons given for the increase in racist incidents was the recent citizenship referendum. Well done to the Government in this respect. Mission accomplished in making life for the immigrant community in Ireland more difficult.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ok so the American elections are over. Georgie boy got re-elected. I never doubted he wouldn’t though I kept hoping against hope that Kerry would triumph.

Next step put it all behind us and get on with the business of building coherent alternatives. Stop crying and roll up your sleeves. What did Joe Hill say “Don’t mourn, organize”. There are plenty of under-funded and under-resourced charities, community groups, etc who could use your support. What are you waiting for?

However the seemingly unstoppable rise of the neo-cons and the Christian far right is a grave cause for concern. Understatement of the year.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

D Day. Departure day for George W? Well let’s wait and see. Does he stay or does he go now?

My friend B in Prague has met with further literary success. His next stop is Vienna where he’s putting on a show with American performance poet Lucian Zell. Years of knocking on the literary door have finally paid for B. Well done. Yahoooo!

And on the subject of things literary our glorious Taoiseach’s daughter launches her second vacuous novel this week. Ah yes, thanks to my own failed literary career begrudgery is alive and well. But all is not lost and I’ve decided to have another attempt at cracking that puzzle.

Can’t leave without mention of the impending closure of Bewleys. Another part of the city about to be swept away but such is life.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I met an old girlfriend last night, Just before Christmas two years ago she broke my heart. No we won’t be getting back together, too much water under the bridge. Though I am in no way bitter, can’t see the point in harboring such feeling . Other than that it’s all quiet and boring with little enough to report.

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