Thursday, August 12, 2010

DI Stacey Collins is called in for questioning in an internal investigation with criminal Jack Stanley. Unbeknownst to her colleagues and the team investigating her Jack is also the father of Stacey's daughter Sophie. Should this information come to light it would surely lead to Collins's dismissal from the force.

In the meantime three mutilated corpses are discovered by unsuspecting traffic wardens in an abandoned car parked in a London back street. Collins is part of the investigating team. Initially DCI Anderson head of the murder squad is reluctant to have her on his team. However as the investigation progresses Anderson soon realises that DI Collins has a unique abilities which can only aid in the finding and arrest of the killer.

Running parallel to the investigation is the strained relationship between Collins and her erstwhile lover, criminal Jack Stanley. We learn of Sophie Collins's resentment toward her mother for keeping the identity of her father a secret from her for so long. As the novel proceeds the relationship between mother and daughter deteriorates to the extent that Sophie keeps the fact that she's seeing her father a secret.

The plot is well paced and Lewis keeps the action going at a nice even pace. Jack Stanley is portrayed in one instance as being a loving father and in the next a gangland leader and cold blooded killer. Despite her best efforts Collins finds her personal life drawn into the investigation and when her Sophie is kidnapped by the killer Jack Stanley is drawn into the investigation.

Scent of a Killer will appeal to fans of The Bill as Lewis shows an in-depth knowledge of policing. This is the second in the series featuring DI Stacey Collins, it will not be the last.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We've been very quiet of late on the blogging front. Well better late than never we got married. Normal service will soon be restored.


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