Friday, October 29, 2004

Ok there I was last night getting on great with a friend of a friend a wonderfully funny, intelligent and attractive woman. Laughter flowing like the Amazon. Hey I'm doing ok I think to myself. Then she knocks me with a suckerpunch "Oh Seoman it's a pity you're not rich". Exit stage left.

Monday, October 25, 2004

On The Way To Cuzco by Werner Bischof Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The three pictures I've posted below represent different aspects of one of Ireland's most talented but least known artists. His name is Harry Clarke.

Harry Clarke was born in Dublin in 1889. He is best known for his work in producing stain glass windows such as the one in the Honan Chapel in Cork. However Clarke is also known for his work in illustration.

He illustrated a collection of Andersen Fairy tales which was published in 1916.

However Clarke also had a dark side and this can be seen in his illustrations for an edition of Faust by Gothe published in 1925, one of which is shown below.

Clarke's work met with controversy as his artistic vision did not always concur with the idealistic picture the church and politicians had for the nascent Irish free state. This is best shown in the story of the Geneva Window, a work commissioned by the state. The Geneva Window was rejected because of its content and now resides in an American museum.

Harry Clarke died of TB in Switzerland in 1931 where he had gone in the hope of recovery.

Illustration from Faust by Gothe Posted by Hello

Stain glass window from the Honan Chapel in Cork Posted by Hello

Drawing for Andersen fairy stories Posted by Hello

Well it's been a struggle, but this afternoon after many hard months of reading and almost, almost giving up I managed to finish Ulysses.

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