Friday, May 27, 2005

We pass each other on the street each man and woman allowing themselves a self-satisfied smirk. Sometimes we greet each other, sometimes we pass by without so much as a whisper. We’ve been through a lot in these modern times. Denied, dented and denigrated. But for some unknown reason we persevered.

And now our time has come. Old flags, pennants, war cries and songs are to be seen and heard on the streets once more. New hymns of praise are already written.

Once more we are the conquers. Once more we walk on, walk on, never walking alone. We have come through the storm. Rallied and raided. Won the fifth great war and now the spoils are ours to keep. Forever.

We have come back from the dead. Resurrected in the eastern land when all seemed lost. We claim Lazarus as our soul brother, the Iberian as our leader. We have sailed the River Styx and lived to recount the epic tale. And all is better for the telling.

We survive and claim, the Continent, the World, the Universe. We are courageous. We are mighty. We are Liverpool FC.

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