Friday, May 13, 2005

I went to see “What Happened Bridgie Cleary” by Tom MacIntyre in the Peacock Theatre last night. The cast were terrific but Tom Hickey in particular shone. To Catherine McFadden assistant director on the production, well done. Way ta go!!!! See ya soon at DCG.

On another note, yesterday American billionaire Malcolm Glazer, after purchasing the shares of JP MaManus and John Magnier increased his holding in Manchester United to 75%. Even though I am a Liverpool fan (see post below), it is worrying that first Abramovich at Chelsea and now Glazer at United are buying info football. Chelsea seem to have done ok for the moment. But what if one day Abramovich wakes up and decides “I’ve had enough” and decides to sell up and move on. What plans does Glazer have for United?

But questions need also to be asked about JP MaManus and John Magnier. Did they have a genuine interest in the club or was Manchester United a trophy investment? Either way I feel that they have sold Manchester United fans down the river.

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