Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Below are three photos taken in around the Cork Street area of Dublin.

The first photo is of three linguistic variations on the street name “Cork Street”. In all three the street name is easily recognizable. The Cork Street area is now home to many immigrants, from various locations in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

At the moment a project entitled “The Highlighters Project” is being undertaken on Cork Street. It hopes to highlight the historical architecture in the area. Beside each building a flagpole is placed on which is flown a large yellow fluorescent flag, thus the name of the project. Next to this old church in photo two is a new and as yet uninhabited block of apartments. Quite a contrast.

Well done to all involved in this project, I hope these photos’ do you justice.

The third photo is a sign pointing toward Crumlin, a working class area in Dublin city, beneath which is a sign for a farmyard animal. Not so long ago Crumlin was an agricultural area at the edge of Dublin city, now in is fully incorporated into the capital.

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