Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Denver city in November. Jack McGuane works as a travel development specialist promoting the city and his wife Melissa have just adopted a nine month old baby girl. The legalities have been checked and all appears to be going well. The girl, Angelina, appears to have bonded well with her adoptive parents.

Then out of the blue Jack gets a call from the adoptive agency, requesting a meeting. Angelina’s father never signed away the parental custody papers. Apparently he wants the child back.

The child’s natural father is Garrett Moreland, 18 years old and son of Judge John Moreland. Eventually a meeting is arranged between Judge Moreland, Garrett and the McGuane’s. It soon becomes apparent that Garrett Moreland isn’t particularily interested one way or the other in the fate of Angelina his daughter. It is his father John Moreland who appears to be the driving force wishing to reunite Angelina with what he regards as her natural family.

When Jack and Melissa McGuane refuse his offer to help them find another child should they voluntarily give Angelina back to him, Judge Moreland informs them that they will be legally obliged to hand her over after three weeks. Thus the stage is set for what amounts to every parents nightmare, the thoughts that in a short while they will loose a child.

The McGuanes decide they will fight the judge and with the help of Cody Holt, a local disgraced police officer and Brian Eastman local entrepreneur, commence the fight to keep their daughter. What ensues is a story of corruption in high places, the breaking of an international paedophile ring and a look at the murky political machinations of Denver city.

In the ensuing investigation we learn of Garrett Morehead’s involvement with Sur-13, a Mexican mafia gang and his fathers attempts to cover up his sons many misdemeanours down through the years. We learn of the judges possibly murky past and the unanswered questions which continue to haunt him.

Jack McGuane represents the everyman in pursuit of justice for himself and his family in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Throughout the novel the reader will easily empathise with hardworking McGuane as he sets out to uncover the truth.

A thriller with a difference with no murder to solve and no fugitives’ from justice. One which will break your heart but leave you compelled to keep turning till the last page.


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