Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please if you do get the chance see this film 5 stars


Going to London next week, will definitely foing to watch this movie (In Italy if arrrive will be at least in 2008...as usual...) :-)

I watched the trailer...very emotional.

It's a beaut! I think I'm going to treat myself to the dvd, it's one to keep.
Went to see it on Wednesday...definitely 5 stars!!!!!!!

I think I'll treat myself with the dvd too :-)


Liz (lizzie.iobloggo.com)
Glad you all enjoyed it. One to treasure
an incredible movie. I saw it at the theater during premier week here in the US. It is a keeper, ordered the DVD, have the soundtrack. I am smitten.

Now 2 nods from the Oscars for songs from teh movie. So excited for all involved. What a treasure of a film.
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