Friday, May 18, 2007

Greens bookshop in Clare Street is all set to shut it doors next Friday. And so another part of Dublin's literary heritage comes to an ignominious end.

On first appearances the place seemed to lack order. The filing system seemed hap hazard, and nothing was where you expected it to be. A friend of mine used to say that in her opinion someone would stand on the opposite side of Clare Street and fire the novels in.

What I most admired about Greens though was it commitment to small independent publishers outside of Dublin. You'd wander in and be able to brose through a selection of publication unavailable anywhere else in the city. Just the antidote to the cold commercialism of their nearby rivals.

Still I've always had mixed feelings about Greens as every time I wandered around I was reminded of the panic of buying schoolbooks every September. Still the shop has a place is Dublin and Irelands literary scene.

And so, Greens which first opened its doors to customers in 1843, is set to follow Anthology Books in Meeting House Square and Kenny's Bookshop in Galway and take its leave of the street to conduct its business over the internet. More headaches for the small independent bookshop owners.


Yep...Greens and school...that's my memory too...it's a pity that it's closing though...buildings are listed...why not bookshops and cafes?
Very sad. I spent happy hours in both on two visits to Dublin.
Why not bookshops and cafes Mise, the two seem the most natural of bedfellows
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