Tuesday, December 19, 2006


All packed ipod ready. Hall it up to the airport. Wait in line to check in. Security check. Buzz buzz. Empty pockets. A nod of approval. Wait in departure lounge. Told to board. Fall asleep on plane. Wake in Madrid. Queue to get off. Collect luggage off carousel.

D to meet me at the arrivals. “Welcome to Madrid”. Walk through the terminal. Down escalator, stand on the right. Buy ticket for metro take line to Nuevos Ministerios. Change at Colombia. Get out at Cruz del Rayo.

Walk through Madrid evening to D’s apartment. “Drink?”
“Why not!”

“Dos” and two more. Feeling tired.

“Apartment next door”. Open front door. First floor, second floor, third floor, clunk. Click. “Mi casa”. Spare bed, lie down. “Food?” “Sure”. Eat and talk. Sleep and change.“Where?” “Here”.

Open door, out and into the Madrid city night.

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