Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The poem below is by Lucien Zell and is entitled "The Blue Light" and comes from the collection "Bright Secrets". The Blue Light in question is a pub in Prague.

The Blue Light

The Blue Light is closing
And the sculptures have stopped posing
And every child’s dozing off to sleep,

While outside their parents sit drinking
And all the day they’ve been thinking
About how tomorrow’s path might be made less steep…….

If they could just fix their broken plans
Or get the dishes to do their dirty hands
Or at least find a safe place to weep.

So throw away that coin you’ve been tossing-
Its loss won’t make you poor.
Love’s bridge is made by its crossing,
Counting is not what days are for.

Sometimes to not have enough is just what you need;
Even giant trees started out as little seeds;
Only those who’ve been imprisoned
Know the joy of being freed!

So throw off your cloak of sorrow,
The Blue Light’s open again tomorrow…..
If you don’t have enough faith in our love,
You can borrow some from me.

For you don’t have to steal,
You don’t have to steal what’s free.

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