Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Picture the scene, a small gallery in the centre of Dublin city, your humble scribe Seoman standing outside. It is a fine day and Seoman is attired in a t-shirt, jeans and imitation converse all stars runners. He has an interest in art and one of the creations on display have captured his attention and clearly warrant further inspection. So your humble scribe enters said gallery. An attendant in same gallery rises from chair on seeing Seoman enter. Seoman is about to enquire as to the origin and possibility (But realistically impossibility) of purchase of named piece. When aforementioned attendant regards Seomans’ deportment it is with an air of contempt making it quite clear that he is persona non grata in said unnamed gallery. Reading said attendant’s visage and knowing where he’s not wanted Seoman exits stage left and leaves sour faced attendant to his inhospitable gallery.

A week later and Seoman once more outside said gallery. On this occasion he has just come from a meeting of the good and the great in the institution where he receives remuneration for eight hours a day spent in employment. He wears the following; a blue shirt, a black tie, a black three piece suit, and stands in shoes colour black of the leather variety. He is, in a few words, dressed to the highest standard. Recalling the previous occasion he entered same gallery and regarding his current sartorial circumstances he decides to enter and engage in a spot of mischief. He is greeted by the same attendant who regarded him in such a contemptuous manner only a week previously. The attendant obsequiously enquires “Does sir require assistance” and generally radiates an air of cordiality. Much amused by this, and by the fact that the attendant cannot seem to recollect the occasion of his last visit to the gallery Seoman exploits the situation for all its worth.

Whereupon after a good fifteen minuets spent in erudite conversation on the faults and merits of the various pieces on display Seoman declares that he is unable to make up his mind as to which piece he desires to purchase. He decides to vacate the premises and while doing so is entreated by above named attendant to make good a swift return. Our man Seoman retorts that his by now life long friend can be sure that he will hasten to return to said gallery within an approximately stated time span. At which point both parties bid the other adieu.

Moral of the tale: Dress well if ya wanna get on.

What was that about not judging a book by its cover...?
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