Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I got this from the Complete Review, 683 good reasons to learn French. Heaven or hell?

Rentrée Littéraire 2006

Rentrée season is almost upon the French -- the time when they flood the market with books in the hopes of attracting consumer and prize recognition.

683 novels this year, 475 in French and 208 in translation (out of some twenty languages) -- and 97 first novels. Early coverage includes 683 romans à découvrir immédiatement by Dominique Guiou and Astrid de Larminat in Le Figaro, as well as Les 683 romans de la Rentrée Littéraire 2006 at Evene.

Also had to put up my selection up on Library Thing. Thanks to Sined on the Sigla Blog for this one.

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