Monday, July 24, 2006

This morning I was up bright and early with my €30 digital camera. I decided to amble aroound Temple Bar and take a few photos. You get what you pay for and so I've got €30 worth of photo's.

The first photo is at Rory Gallagher Corner, though the signpost isn't too clear. The sculpture of the guitar was unveiled recently and is a replica of the one Rory used to play.

Photo number two is of the photographic gallery in Meeting House Square. I thought it would be rather artistic to take a photo of the gallery. Pretentious in other words.

Number three is in Parliament Street and depicts important figures Irish life in the 1920's, again this photo really isn't very clear so you'll have to see for yourseves.

Finally number four. A piece of graffiti or a plea to come home? You decide.

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