Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Isn’t perception wonderful! Just because you occasionally wear an Ireland/Dublin/Saint Patrick’s Athletic/Liverpool jersey, attend Croke Park/Richmond Park/Lansdowne Road you are seen as being a sporting aficionado, with little or nothing between your ears. It’s expected that you read The Star for the pictures…. and that that is the sum total of your literary intake. “Why yes of course I read The Star, but I also delve into The Irish Times, and the Indo. I also have a penchant for literature and heavens forbid poetry, all of which I occasionally read while wearing a replica sports jersey”. Grrrr. Had an incident recently when I attended a literary event met someone I’m acquainted with only for them to exclaim in horror “You?!!!”

I was tempted to retort “Yes, me” but couldn’t be bothered.

Thus the reason for this rant.

Which reminds me of two short stories I wrote based on actual events. The first goes under the unwieldy title “Why I Sometimes Wear A Football Jersey When Attending A Play In The Abbey Theatre” and the second goes under the slighter shorter appellation “Three Thumps For Poetry”.

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