Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Grrrr I found out recently that a photograph I took and published on this blog was published in an Irish magazine. Was I asked permission to publish the photograph? No. Did I receive recognition? No. A cautionary tale for everyone to consider. Now to consider copywrite.

Check out http://www.scoopt.com/default.aspx
and see if they'd be any good. You might get paid the next time.
Send them an invoice. Seriously, you might even get paid, at worst you'll piss them off a bit. That's unacceptable - you have copyright on what you publish, you don't have to do anything to "enable" it.

And tell us who it was.
Thanks Cyberscribe will look into them should the occasion arise.

Planetpotato, the magazine it was in was one of the Sunday freebees.
Hi Seoman, talk to Gavin over at Gavin's Blog. It happened to him a year or so ago. The Sunday Tribune were the guilty party if I remember it right. He followed it up and got paid.
Add a Commons Licence to your site. I read an article and quoted on the subject http://www.floweringwoman.org/blogs/2006/04/copyright.html
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