Friday, May 05, 2006

An early 1990's Irish musical

Inside The Pale
From The Fatima Mansions
To Engine Alley,
The Fat Lady Sings
Of An Emotional Fish.

The Whipping Boy roars
Light a Big Fire
While my eyes are covered
With a black Velvet Band.

As the flames rise
I feel That Petrol Emoton.
A Toasted Heretic
Burning at the steak.

I'd take a parachute and jump
To safety,
But this is no Divine Comedy.

With Frank and Walters
Dancing attendance.
"You Two" I tell them
"Will always be with us".

Lovely! and I see you included the black velvet band in there. Recently found a link to one of their videos online.
Have a great week!!!
But I could have sworn
That there was A House
Full of Hot Flowers.
Something must have Happened
So I thought it was time
I Saw a Doctor.

Stunning stuff!
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