Friday, May 12, 2006

Dear B,

It’s been a very long time now since we last sat down and had a pint together. Now that I think of it, it must be over ten years, when we were both in our mid 20's. When we left school you used to call up to my house and we'd spend the evening listening to LP's and tapes. We were both into the raggle taggle music scene at the time, The Waterboys being the preferred choice.

Funny it was always my house we'd go to, I recall your mother wasn't too keen on having troupes of teenagers lounging about the house. Neither of us at the time could afford a flat or bedsit of our own. Two young guys with no money struggling to get by.

Eventually I moved on. To tell you the truth I lost interest in The Waterboys, and raggle taggle. In contrast B, in more ways than one, you remained steadfast.

For a while we kept in touch, meeting occasionally on Saturday nights. But in reality it couldn't last. And it didn't. As friendships go it had run its course, and we let things lie.

Recently we bumped into each other one New Years Eve, exchanged pleasantries and bought each other a pint. You were with your wife, I'd just broken up with my girlfriend and wasn't really in good humour. So we shook hands talked, laughed, and wished each other well. And that was that.

Earlier this week I was walking home from work. An old neighbor on the other side of the street spied me and called. She whispered in my ear "Did I hear B died". The news stunned me. I'm not one for keeping in touch with my old hometown, too many ghosts, too many memories, so I don't get to hear what’s going on.

I needed to sit down. I walked in the door of the nearest pub and ordered a pint. I'm not ashamed to say I shed one or two tears. I didn't really care if anyone was looking. Fuck them, I thought. I reproached myself for not keeping in touch, but what’s gone is gone and now can't be reclaimed.

I got home and dug out the old Waterboys tape, I hadn't listened to it in years and wondered how it would sound. It sounded wonderful. Just as wonderful as it sounded when we were teenagers, had just left school and the entire world awaited us.

And A Bang On The Ear

Lindsay was my first love she was in my class
I would have loved to take her out but I was too shy to ask
The fullness of my feeling was never made clear
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Nora was my girl when I first was in a group
I can still see her to this day, stirring chicken soup
Now she’s living in Australia working for an auctioneer
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Deborah broke my heart and I the willing fool
I fell for her one summer on the road to Liverpool
I thought it was forever but it was over in a year (oh dear)
But I give her my love with a bang on the ear

The home I made with bella became a house of pain
We weathered it together bound by a ball and chain
Is started up in Fife, and ended up in tears (oh dear)
But I send her my love with a bang on the ear

Krista was a rover from Canada she hailed
We crossed swords in San Francisco we both lived to tell the tale
I don’t know now where she is oh but if I had her here
I’d give her my love with a bang on the ear

So my woman of the hearthfire, harbour of my soul
I watch you lightly sleeping and sense the dream that does unfold (like gold)
You to me are treasure, you to me are dear
So I’ll give you my love with a bang on the ear

Dear Seoman,
That touched me and struck a cord. I rooted out my Waterboys and listened.

Life haunts us and death strikes when we least expect it.

I understand that sudden sorrow.

God Bless..
Terrible loss, but a great tribute.
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