Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here’s something that caught our eye. It’s a report in today’s edition of El Pais the daily Spanish Newspaper. According to the report the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo held their last annual protest in the Plaza in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However the weekly silent marches will continue every Thursday, as they have done for the last 29 years.

The participants in the Resistance Marches, are the mothers of people who were declared missing under the Argentinean Military regime headed by Roberto Viola. One of the reasons cited for the ending of the yearly pilgrimage is the election in 2003 of Nestor Kirchner as President of Argentina. During the military rule Kirchner was twice arrested by the authorities.

President Kirchner has met the Mothers on several occasions and listened to their demands. Also he has repealed the laws of Due Obedience and Full Stop, which had absolved military officers of criminal responsibility for murder and torture.

The first silent march in Plaza de Mayo began on Thursday, April 30, 1977 demanding information from the military authorities on their childrens’ whereabouts.

There are approximately 400 Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina.

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