Thursday, November 17, 2005

The denizens of the city, at least those of us who avail of public transport, are currently experiencing an upgrade. It is with much heartache we encountered first hand this morning the new super deluxe bus shelter currently being unveiled throughout the city. “Were we seeing things?” we asked ourselves. Had we imbibed too much alcoholic libation the night previous? Where was our old familiar?

Well our tried and trusted friend in whom we had sheltered on innumerable occasions throughout the years is now retired. He or she has reached the age of superannuation. In place of our tried and trusted companion we now encounter a spanking young upstart. All brass and boldness, which of course are de rigueur in the era of the celtic tiger. Spotlessly clean and ready serve the city by the Liffey.

To our old companion, our comforter and confident, we bid a fond adieu. Wishing you all the best in the great retirement home for bus shelters.

We are only left to ponder the question. Will the upgrading of the city’s transport system ensure a bus timetable which runs on schedule?

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