Thursday, October 13, 2005

The World Cup campaign is over and now we've got to move on. It's time for new blood. Personally I never considered Kenny Cunningham to be a good captain, and I was less than impressed by his lukewarm defence of Ireland manager Brian Kerr at a press conference last week. I won't be bemoaning his retirement.

Time to bring up the younger players, Richard Dunne, Willo Flood, Stephen Elliott, Steven Reid. There's an awful lot of potential there, but first of all we've got to get rid of the dead wood (Matt Holland, Kevin Kilbane, Gary Doherty).

Ok we wont be in Germany next summer and at the moment things look tar black. But from here on in the situation can only improve.


kenny cunningham was never half hearted in anything and gave 100% for ireland never did he pick and choose games like other players i could name.
He was and always will be highly regarded as one of the finest irish captains we have had.
I didn`t see him give a luke warm defence of Brian Kerr but i did see him look heart broken at going out of the game.

I hope to see more players like Kenny come through in the future!!
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