Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Last Friday we were sitting in work wondering what to do the weekend. Liffeyside turned to one of his younger (21) work colleagues and mirthfully enquired “Well are you going to Edinburgh this weekend?”. We were greeted with a blank stare accompanied by an “Eh?”.

Now Liffeyside doesn’t like to show it’s age but can vividly recall the events of Tienamen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall and as a young student marched with USI for an increase in rents.

My work colleagues “Eh?” was met with a certain amount of credulity on our part. So what did Liffeyside do? We engaged in a crash course in the mal effects of globalisation as well as illuminating the finer points of Bob Geldof and Live8.

Somewhere in the deeper recesses of our work colleague’s brain a 40 watt suddenly lighted and we received these words “Oh yes Live8. I heard about that”. At which stage Liffeyside gave up.

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