Friday, July 15, 2005

I went to see “The Second Coming” by Patrick Walshe in the Andrews Lane Theatre last night. It’s a comedy about a daytime talk show with declining viewer numbers and the attempts to breath some life back into it. €15 for a ticket and the performance begins at 8.15. CMcF is the star of the show.

Dublin's latest edition The Sean O'Casey Bridge was officially opened on Wednesday and already the wags of the city have come up with a nickname for our latest architectural gem. Sean O'Casey Bridge has been renamed as the Bingo Bridge. Trixibel has posted a lovely photo of the Bridge on her blog, we advise you to go have a looksee.

On things literary Sigla's really going to town on Harry Potter, way to go people. Death to all bland literature!

Finally, hello to all Liffeyside's new found readership in the Czech Republic hope you are all enjoying the drive.

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