Thursday, June 30, 2005

As a tie in with the Make Poverty History Campaign and the Live8 concerts Liffeyside publishes the following....

The three photograps I've posted below are by Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. Born into a wealthy family Salgado later developed left wing sympathies and this caused him and his wife to flee to France due to a well founded fear of an increasingly totalitarian Brazilian state.

It was in Paris that Salgado, while studying economics, increasingly came under the spell of photography.

His big break was a photo he took in 1981 of the attempted assisination of Ronald Regan the then American President. The photgraph sold around the world and Salgado reputation ws assured.

The second big break was an assignment in the Serra Pelada goldmine in Brazil. Many of the pictures in this assignment have a strangely iconic feel and almost seem from another age.

In 1993 Salgado published a series of work entitled Workers: an archaeology of the industrial age. This was later followed by a second book with the title Migrations.

Salgado's work discloses the usfferings of the dispossessed and those without access to power.

An exhibition of Sebastiao Salgado's work entitled Exodus is currently running till August 5th at the gallery, 21 Lavitt's Quay in Cork City.

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