Friday, January 07, 2005

Since the demise of Bewleys coffee shops in Dublin one thing that’s really hit home for me is the near impossibility to go into a coffee shop in the city centre and have a quiet cop of coffee. Each and every café I enter from the Winding Stair, to Simons, to The Metro to Lucky Coadys either has a radio blaring somewhere or else someone else’s choice of C.D. assaulting my ears.

No thank you I don’t want to hear your music collection. After a hard day working and getting abuse down the phone I just want to sit and enjoy 15 minuets or half an hour of peace.

However bad the coffee was in Bewleys, and at times it was woeful, the one guarantee you had was that you’d be able to have a quiet cup of coffee or tea.

Gruss von deinem D. :)
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