Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My favourite books of fiction and non-fiction that I read in 2004 were and there are two of each

“My Last Breath” by Luis Bunuel
“Picasso’s War” by Russell Martin
“Hicksville” by Dylan Horrocks
“Dreams From Bunker Hill” by John Fante

A large Spanish influence with “My Last Breath” by Spanish surrealist film maker Luis Bunuel and “Picasso’s War” the story of Picasso’s artistic masterpiece Guernica. Last year I was privileged to see Guernica on two occasions.

“Hicksville” by Dylan Horrocks is a graphic novel and if you ever read one graphic novel in your life this should be it. “Dreams From Bunker Hill” is by John Fante and what can I say, an emotionally raw roller coaster of a book which is 100% pure artistic genius.

Did I mention I finished “Ulysses” by Jimmy Joyce as well last year.

On things artistic RTE had a good documentary on last night about Irish writer Sean O’Casey. Well done to our state tv station.

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