Monday, September 13, 2004

Hey here I am in Madrid sheltering from the sun which makes a nice change to sheltering from the rain you get enough of that in Dublin throughout the year.

I've been relaxing around Madrid, taking it easy, enjoying the lie in´s and the food, not to mention the one or two drinks at night. D´s floor is as comfortable as ever, though last night he decided to redesign his room so it was fun moving tables, chairs and a press from one side to another. But I can´t complain as D is the most cordial of hosts. I can come and go as I want with no prohibitions. What more could you ask for.

When I was here in March I got to see all three main galleries in Madrid, to tell the truth the Prado wore me down, "Gosh there´s yet another masterpiece", was my reaction. On this occasion I´m here to relax and enjoy myself, though in saying that I´ve not ruled out culture. Friday I went to the Sofia with the intention of seeing once more Picasso´s masterpiece "Guernica". In all probability I´m talking gibberish here but "Guernica" is an almighty powerful painting in size, stature and content. A book entitled "Picasso´s War" tells the story of the painter and his creation. A wonderful read. Interesting to note that when C. Powell addressed the UN attempting to justify a war on Iraq a representation of "Guernica" which hangs in the main hall of the UN general assembly was covered over. The power of art.

Other wise I´ve been rambling about this wonderous city in particular the Parque del Rio, reading a book and taking it all in. D alas has to go to work. The book I´m reading is "Paris Interzone" by James Campbell. It´s subject is the literary scene in Paris between 1945 and 1960. A very importanty time in terms of literature.

Ok what else. Well the Cafe Commercial here in Madrid is well worth a visit. Get the brown line (line 4) to Bilbao and there ya go.

Oh yes I´ve discovered that the Irish pubs in Madrid are a sham. On Sunday I went into two hoping they might be showing the All-Ireland. Well they didn´t. Both had Spurs and Norwich. Cork won anyway so congrats to them.

Thats all for now.


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