Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I made heavy weather of finishing the “Oxen of the Sun” over the weekend. Fifteen pages each day, over four days. I have to admit it was very heavy going, but last night I managed to finish the chapter. Hurrah.

Friday was glorious and having the day off I went out to Howth. Good memories. The sun was blazing and after two hours sitting on the harbour wall my pasty white arms were turning a nice brown. Too nice a brown in fact, one of the hazards of having an indoors job. Rivera a la Howth highly recommended on a sunny day.

I went to see Imbongi a band from Zimbabwe in Crawdaddy on Sunday night. Wow what can I say. Only about 50 people attended the gig, which was disappointing. Though the energy in the music more than made up for that. A performance poet by the name of Albert Nyathi, also from Zimbabwe accompanied the band. What a way to spend a magical sultry Sunday night!

In the meantime the banks leek scandals. The latest is the NIB (National Irish Bank) story. Not being financially astute and what I can grasp of the story it runs along the line of bank officials instructing their underlings to fiddle (rob from) customer’s accounts in order to increase the banks profits. Add to that you have the tax dodge of offshore accounts and you have a rather sordid picture. People were named and God forbid who was mentioned only Bev Cooper-Flynn. You could say the usual suspect is named. Personally I don’t think anyone of the NIB top officials who gave the instruction to falsify (rob from) accounts will end up having a criminal conviction and thus a term in jail. Contrast that with the consequences of a customer missing a mortgage repayment to bank. The whole affair is disgusting.

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