Friday, July 16, 2004

I’ve stopped reading Ulysses for the moment though I do intending to picking it up again soon. In the mean time I’ve had other literary distractions, which are listed below……
After the dance: A Walk Through Carnival In Haiti by Edwidge Danticat
Born Bad by Andrew Vachss
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
My Dark Places by James Ellroy
Dreams From Bunker Hill by John Fante
After the Dance by Edwidge Danticat is part autobiography part travel log concerning the author’s return to the Haitian city of Jacmel during carnival season. Be prepared to be amazed at the author’s lyrical descriptions of the city during the time of festival.
Born Bad by Andrew Vachss is a collection of short stories reflecting the dark side of American life. Redemption in Vachss’s world when it comes, is often brutal. However Vachss’s writing at times has glimpses of pure poetry.
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler introduces the private detective Philip Marlow and is a murder mystery set in Los Angeles in the 1930’s On its own Chandler’s writing is razor sharp, though when compared to Vachss’s it resembles comedy.
My Dark Places by James Ellory America’s premier crime writer is a no nonsense investigation by Ellroy into his mother’s murder in California in 1953. A tale of loss and salvation.
Finally we have Dreams from Bunker Hill by John Fane.  In 1978 Fante started dictating this novel to his wife. He was sixty-nine, blind from diabetes and confined to a wheelchair. His writing was long forgotten, his health was broken and he was bitter. Knowing this, you read this novel thinking that it should have been written by a man in his early twenties such is Dreams From Bunker Hill’s vitality and emotional bravery. It tells the struggles of a young writer in the early 1930’s in Los Angeles. 
Also on the go Voices Made Night a collection of short stories by Mozambique writer Mia Couto and New Poems Book 1 by Charles Bukowski.

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