Monday, July 05, 2004

I was out with my friend D in Rathmines on Saturday night. We were in Slatterys. We decided to go upstairs. There was a band setting up. They were a three-piece combo. Bass guitar, lead guitar and drums. They started up. Wow they really had the place going I found out their name "Me In The Park". I've put up a link to them. Go see if you get the chance.

Yesterdays Sunday Tribune had an opinion piece in it by Diarmuid Doyle. It centered on former Irish international Ray Houghton's appearance on Fantasy Football. Houghton had to appear in a sketch re-enacting his goal against England in the 1988 European championship. Ray turned up on the set dressed as a leprechaun. He dressed up in turn as a potato, and then as Jean Butler star of Riverdance. Apparently he next of all shows up standing beside someone dressed in a balaclava and military uniform. In short Mr. Houghton made a bit of a fool of himself.

The point of Mr. Doyle’s article was that Ray Houghton is not Irish, he never was and he never will be. Ray Houghton used Ireland as a flag of convenience to play international football. Taken in the context of the recent citizenship referendum and the argument the we should place a value on citizenship and the dangers of not respecting it, is Mr. Houghton's publicity stunt not a devaluation our citizenship?

I do not agree with all of Doyle's argument especially the piece concerning Houghton not being Irish, but I can see his point. I'll end this with a quote from John Waters in today’s (05-06-04) Irish Times "Only by constantly allowing beliefs to be challenged do we ensure the quality of freedom."

I read that Mary is soon to return to posting regularly on her blog. I look forward to reading her posts once more and viewing her many fine photographs of this fair country. Hope you are keeping well Mary, best wishes.

I've put up a few new links. One to "That Girl" and another to the CCST as well as ME.IN.THE.PARK.

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