Monday, July 26, 2004

Another wonderful weekend for sport. Clare stop the Kilkenny juggernaut in hurling while in Gaelic, Westmeath win their first ever senior title. 120 years and success finally comes. Way to go Paidi and the boys.

Great to see that the old tradition of climbing Croagh Patrick for the annual pilgrimage is alive and well. I climbed it only once. That was on a terrible summers day six years ago when you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Not that yesterday was any better by all accounts but for those who succeeded in making it to the top, it will have been worth the effort.  And to think once upon a time there was a proposal to put a gold mine on the sacred mountain. Incredible.

Am a bit hung over this morning was out yesterday for some libation in The Long Hall and Grogan’s. But it was worth it.

To end on a happy note Feni Liu a Chinese practitioner of Falun Gong who was imprisoned and tortured for his beliefs flew into Dublin last night to resume his studies in Dun Laoighre.  Welcome back Feni Liu.

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