Thursday, July 01, 2004

And may thanks to Annette and Mary for the birthday wishes.

There's a character who's just arrived in Dublin or else he's been here a while and I've only noticed him now. He's a young guy, only in his early 20's. He's heavy set and slightly stooped. He wears an oldfashioned brown hat and a blue jacket. He wanders the streets playing the guitar and singing silently to himself.

Tuesday morning I was in a newsagents on the quays. I bought a paper and some milk. I appreached the counter and heard the newsagent say "Well done". I handed the newsagent some money. "Well done" he said again. I thought to myself, had I heard him right did he say "Well done"?. He handed me the change and again said "Well done". I wondered, what had I done to merit such praise. A rather unusual start to the morning but hey better than nothing.

Dublin city, alive and kicking wiht characters.

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