Monday, June 14, 2004

The elections and referendum are over and first of all I’d like to congratulate both John Gallagher, on his re-election to the Dublin City Council and Kathleen Sinnott on her election to the EU Parliament.

John Gallagher ran what he called a "green campaign". It was green in the sense of being environmentally friendly. For example; in this campaign and the previous local election campaign of 1999 John put up a sum total of zero posters. Yes that’s right, Zero posters! Guess what, he even increased his vote. So a big YAHOO and well done to John Gallagher long-term community activist in the South West Inner City.

As regards the Citizenship Referendum personally I voted "NO". I wasn’t on the winning side. Indeed the No’s were defeated 4:1. I’ll fully accept the democratic decision of the people. However John Waters in his column in today’s Irish Times newspaper accurately reflect my own feelings. I’ll finish with a quote from said column.

“Ireland can hope never again to become poor and have to send its children out into the world in search for livelihoods and opportunities.

Certainly, we have provided ourselves with a massive incentive to ensure such a fate never again befalls us. For now we have established a benchmark for the way we can expect our children to be treated if it does”.

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