Friday, June 04, 2004

Am in trouble in work for spending too much time on the net drat. I knew it was too good to last. In the meantime……

I’m back reading Ulysses again. Last night I read 30 odd pages. It took me the best part of an hour, I’m a very slow reader. It turns out RTE Radio One has a programme on for a half hour every Thursday night at 7 pm dedicated to a chapter in Ulysses. Inspired by this I decided to take up the challenge once more. Right now I’m in the Ormond Hotel with Bloom

I’m still reading Fugitives and Refugees by Chuck Palahniuk. An unusual but enjoyable read.

My beloved Saint Patricks, third from the bottom in the league, are playing Cork City tonight in Cork. Gulp. I’m not holding out much hope. We’ll by lucky to get nil. Meanwhile the Republic will play Holland tomorrow in Amsterdam in a friendly. Now that should be interesting.

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