Thursday, May 13, 2004

My odyssey through “Ulysses” is going well. I’m up to chapter 5 today. Chapters one and two are grand right enough, but number three I found a bit hard to follow. Chapter four where Bloom is first introduced into the novel is also rather easy to pickup.

I was able to pick up a study guide to “Ulysses” which is invaluable. I read the notes fist read the chapter then re-read the notes. What did I miss? What did I see? Do I agree with this interpretation of the text?

It’s interesting then to walk around the city centre and observe what the characters in “Ulysses” observed. Traverse down streets named in the novel, see the changes in the city.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on “Ulysses”. I definitely won’t be anywhere near finished by Bloomsday June 16th but I’m enjoying sauntering through the book. The only reason why I’ve read four chapters is that I’ve a lot of free time at the moment. The study notes are essential to the reading of “Ulysses”. Don’t attempt this book without them.

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