Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Dublin city centre on last Saturday afternoon was like a ghost town. I couldn’t believe how few people decided to go into the city centre. It was all very quiet and strange. I could have walked unimpeded down Middle Abbey Street. I suppose a lot of people were scared away by the media crying wolf over impending riots. Even the Long Hall pub was more than half empty. As regards Saturday night and what went on around the Navan Road well I couldn't help feeeling that Sky News in particular, as they continually showed the same clip over and over and over again, were wanting to make mountains out of molehills.

Made up me mind last night that I’m going to attempt to read Ulysses once more. Somewhere in Dublin I’m going to buy student university notes, read the notes first then say twenty or so pages then put the book aside and pick it up again at a later date. The reason for my newfound enthusiasm is that on Sunday night I went to see Bloom, a film adaptation of the novel.

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