Monday, April 05, 2004

While in Madrid I went to the Renia Sofia Gallery. In the Gallery Pablo Picasso’s anti war painting ‘Guernica’ hangs. Picasso painted ‘Guernica’ in 1937 in response to the bombing of the Basque town Guernica by the German airforce during the Spanish Civil War.

The painting is truly as great and as wonderful as anything I’ve heard or read about it. No reproduction can do ‘Guernica’ justice. The sheer scale of the painting took my breath away. Its emotional power is heart stopping. I wandered around the Sofia returning again and again to view ‘Guernica’.

Eventually I left the gallery and crossed the road to Atocha station. Distinctive red candles burned brightly in an impromptu memorial to the victims of the recent bombings. Messages of sympathy from across the world were posted on a wall. Colombia, Mexico, Ireland, France, Italy. Two old women moved among the candles relighting those blown out by the wind. I lit a candle and paid my respects.

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