Friday, April 30, 2004

There’s allot of hype in the Irish media at the moment concerning tomorrow’s meeting of the 25 EU heads of state in Dublin. The occasion is the ten new accession states joining the EU. The main ceremony will take place in Farmleigh House in The Phoenix Park on the north side of Dublin city. Violent protest is expected and media reports state that the Gardai (the Irish police force) are armed to the teeth.

Apparently an army of anarchists is going to descend on Dublin from all corners of Europe and ferment trouble. The city centre has been designated an unofficial no go area for the weekend, and a certain amount of low level hysteria dominates the airwaves. As a result a lot of people I know intend avoiding the city at all costs.

Of course there’ll be trouble of that I’ve absolutely no doubt. But not on the scale expected by the media. People who should know better are preparing for a doom and gloom scenario. Such is the suggestive power of the media.

Ps came across a rather interesting blog recently. It’s written by Ze who is a gravedigger. You can access it here. The style in which this blog is written amazes me.

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