Friday, April 23, 2004

An international football match took place in the field in front of the house where I live last night. Barcelona played AC Milan. It was Ronaldhino against Kaka. The maroon and blue of Barcelona against the red and black of AC Milan. We were in the Camp Nou or the San Siro. We were in a field where a bunch of kids were playing a game of football.

This is it I thought the sheer joy of the game. No big money. No diving. Here for me was a sport that is instantly recognisable throughout the world. From the slums of Rio to the wealth a suburb in Milan, if a ball is placed on the ground two sets of improvised goal posts made you will know that a game of football is about to take place.

At the top it’s riddled with corruption, and used for political purposes. But still we dream, still we dream. Have to watch it am starting to sound like Eamon Dunphy.

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