Thursday, March 11, 2004

I was on the way into work this morning when someone called me on my mobile. "There's been several bomb explosions in Madrid", they said. My immediate thought was "No. How's D?" I tried phoning him but nothing. I sent messages nothing. D had just gone to Madrid to start a new life with his girlfriend. We thought the same and rather strangely looked alike. We are the greatest of friends. People often mistake us for brothers.

I phoned again. Nothing. More text messages. Nothing. I put D on speed- dial and call again. An answer. "I'm ok" D said "Thanks for the call". Police cars and ambulance klaxons scream through Madrid, he tells me. There’s utter mayhem on the streets and in the train stations. Chaos in the Spanish capital.

D tells me he’s fine. My friend is ok. He's alive. Unharmed. My relief is there for all to see.

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