Sunday, February 29, 2004

Is it just me or does anyone else feel unsettled over the events concerning the murder of Brian Murphy outside Anabel's night club four years ago. The jury has delivered its verdict and all that remains is sentencing. Five families are effected and countless others are engaged in introspection.

Four young men past pupils from an elite college in Dublin attack another young man outside a nightclub. He lies on the ground is kicked in the head and dies, brutally. The violence is in itself disturbing. But what is equally disturbing is that the four young men accused went to Blackrock College. A private school. These young men are expected to be the future leaders of the country. I may be wrong, but did Eamon deValera attend Blackrock College?

Were they young men of privilage who considered themselves invunerable? At a particular time and place? The wrong time and place. The Sunday Independent this morning has a photo of a girl on the front page whom it is supposed was the cause of the row. I'd imagine she would have preferred to lie low.

One report in the Sunday newspapers likened the young men involved The Untouchables. They regard themselves beyond reproach. Are laws for small people? Our laws should be viewed by all as totally impartial. Justice must be seen to be served in a just fashion. Anything else is a farce. But justice will not bring Brian Murphy back to life.

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