Thursday, February 26, 2004

Humour in an odd way amazes me; I suppose it’s all a question of taste. I remember Christmas morning 2002 lying in bed listening to a CD of Billy Connolly live in the Albert Hall. A few days before Co had just broken it off with me and gone back to her old fiancé. The week before Christmas is not a good time for a romance to break up. Then again is there ever a good time? Being Christmas I’d a few plans but Co dashed all those. I couldn’t really bear to watch all the families and happy couples out shopping. I just wanted to curl up, not talk to anyone and re-emerge with my heart repaired in early January. I couldn’t get Co out of my mind and on Christmas morning was really miserable. I put on Billy Connolly and for a brief period my heartache was forgotten. I know some people find Billy Connolly vulgar but for an hour or so one Christmas morning Billy chased away my broken heart.

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