Thursday, January 15, 2004

This afternoon Dublin is dark and depressing. Compared to recent days it’s not that cold. We were promised snow but that has yet to materialise.

We have a new drama on RTE, the main Irish State run TV station. It’s entitled Proof and is pure fiction. The story line involves drugs, corrupt egocentric politicians, licentious reporters, planning permission, violence on the streets of the capital, a country that gives out about refugees while sticking its hand out to Brussels.
I’m reading Duende, A journey in search of Flamenco by Jason Webster. It’s a travel log and an autobiography. It tells of the author’s travels around Spain in order to experience Flamenco. Truth to tell it’s a look at a Spain we don’t normally see. A tale of modern day Spain with echoes of Laurie Lee throughout.

Speaking of things Spanish, D hope all is well in Madrid. Will blog again soon.

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