Friday, January 23, 2004

Dublin city centre suffered sever disruption yesterday due to the meeting the Ministers for Justice from the fifteen EU member states. Members of the Gardai (The Irish Police Force) dressed in luminous yellow bibs were clearly visible standing about in groups of three or more discussing the issues of the day while providing security for the good and the great of Europe.

Businesses in the vicinity of Dublin Castle complained because of access restriction. It’s been a long time since I saw some many Gardai congregate in any one area. Such is the fear of embarrassment in government circles regarding the possibility of demonstrations during our presidency of the EU, that no expense is to be spared in the area of security.

The issue discussed yesterday in Dublin Castle was that of illegal immigration into the EU. A figure of €30 million has been set aside in returning illegal immigrants to their country of origin. However there is still disagreement concerning an EU wide harmonising of procedures for dealing with asylum application.

The €30 million should quash the argument the racists have that the deportation of illegal immigrants costs the Irish taxpayer money, not for the first time the EU foots the bill in Ireland.

On the issue of immigration the Irish High Court have ruled against Section 2 of the Irish Immigration Act. The legislation in this act was found to be unconstitutional. Needless to say the Irish Minister for Justice Michael McDowell is not pleased and intends consulting with the Irish Attorney General concerning the High Court’s ruling.

In the meantime hundreds of legal challenges are expected against deportation orders issued to the parents of children born in Ireland. The Irish constitution states that it will cherish all children equally, (providing of course that they white, Catholic and of Celtic/Irish racial stock).

It’s fascinating to read the reports in the Irish papers concerning the issue of immigrants and the High Courts ruling. The Irish Independent the leading right wing newspaper bemoans the ruling, while the Irish Times, a left wing liberal newspaper, takes a stance sympathetic to asylum seekers.

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